NorStar Elite Tester Program 2022-2023


Testers will receive 8 tester packs, that contain 10 beans each, over the year that will come in 3 shipments.  First one will be end of summer containing 2 packs, along with grow reports.   In the beginning of December, there will be 4 packs.   And in March there will be the final 2 packs.    Testers that submit 5-8 reports within the following year, including pictures in flower, will be eligible for a free membership the following year.  Testers that submit 2-4 reports, and pictures in flower,  are eligible for half price membership the following year.  And testers that submit one report, and a picture in flower, are eligible for membership the following year at full price.  Testers that do not submit any reports will no longer be eligible for this membership.  ONLY 10 MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE ( U.S. Residents Only)

Sale Starts July 20!

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